Statement from QLD 86 BRZ Car Club Inc. President – Joel Sang:

We certainly could not have asked for a better venue to hold our annual Christmas Event at Bullocky’s Rest with the growing numbers of Queensland 86/BRZ owners. Likewise, we were lucky to have the warmest day, to enjoy the outdoors.

I would firstly like to thank the overwhelming generosity from all our business supporters, who kindly donated towards the amazing gift boxes, awards and prizes that we were able to give to so many lucky 86/BRZ owners.

Similarly, to the business supporters who donated their personal time and services at this event, providing a variety of entertainment for everyone to enjoy – DJ Smith, Tiana’s Dance Parties and Chris Withers & Melissa Coggins Sports. And lastly to the businesses who contributed in providing the 86/BRZ signature blue and orange colour theme – Subaru and Crazy Fish Sushi, Pacific Pines.

To all the owners who arrived from near or far and who maybe an old or new member of the club, thank you for joining this event, without you these would not be organised, so your continued support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. Our official attendance numbers were;

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Car count

In addition, any organised club events do not occur on their own, they are put together by the committee, who all volunteer many hours of their own time behind the scenes to make these events happen. To these people your support and commitment does not go unnoticed, thank you.

It has also been a successful year for the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, with both Automotive Manufacturers launching new models/ series in Australia in 2015 and I’m sure their best is yet to come.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe festive season and I look forward to more good times ahead for the QLD 86 BRZ Car Club Inc. in 2016.


Images by Clear Optics Photography



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