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QLD 86/BRZ Car Club Inc

Lakeside Happy Laps - 16th Sep 2023

Sat, 16 Sep 2023
07:10 - 09:00

We are back again at Lakeside Raceway for Happy Laps. Please share with your friends in the Club.


7.10*-7.30am - Registration and Sign on

7.30-7.45am - Breakfast (at the Lakeside Historic Building)

7.45-8.00am - Drivers Briefing

8.00-8.20am - On Track

Please note that times may change depending on other events on the day. 

*Due to council resetrictions, Lakeside are unable to open their gates before 7:00am. As such, and to prevent queuing on the road, it is requested that people do not arrive at Lakeside prior to 7:00am.

Driver - Financial Members of the club - $40

Driver - Non-Financial club member - $55

Passenger - $25


Note the Club rules for Happy Laps @ Lakeside Raceway, failure to follow these will result in you not being able to attend to future events.


1. This is not a speed event - No publishing of lap times, speeds, videos showing laptimes or speeds or descriptions of your mad racetrack skillz yo on social media (this is how the venue can maintain their insurance cover). Failure to follow this rule will mean both you and your post will be removed.

2. Helmets and CAMS/motorsport licenses are not required, but a current, valid driver's license is.

3. No entry to the track without a wristband for everyone in the car.


4. Non-QLD 86/BRZ club members and non-86/BRZ vehicles are more than welcome to join us.


5. Overtaking is only on the straights, if not overtaking KEEP LEFT - repeated failure to do so will mean you will not be invited back.


6. We do not allow any form of Roll Racing out our events. If you are unable to follow this request you will be removed from the track. Management also reserves the right to refund entries prior to the event if we believe your vehicle is not suitable for our events.


7. All vehicles entering the track must be currently road-registered and showing valid registration plates.


8. See point 1. This is not a race event, for legal and insurance reasons it is a cruise.

Further details about the event can be found here: 


If you have any further questions regarding Happy Laps, please email motorsport@qld86brz.com.


7:10 am
Registration and Sign on
7:30 am
Breakfast at the Lakeside Historic Building
7:45 am
Drivers Briefing
8:00 am
On Track
Ticket Type Price
Driver - Member $40.00 Sold out
Driver - Non Member $55.00 Sold out
Passenger $25.00 Sold out
Special Access Ticket $0.00 Unavailable
Lakeside Park
Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503, Australia

Kangaroo Point, QLD, Queensland, 4169, Australia

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